Click to move around.

Drag to enter street view.

A wall divided into a grid of panels faces me. As I move forward the space opens out, where the terminal seems relatively deserted. A row of empty check-out desks reflect a group of yellow squares onto the floor. I move around to the left, where a long line of people are waiting at gate 53 and 54. They look out towards the huge wall of glass windows as they wait. Max 1 bag. If it fits.

I head towards to the exit. Stripes of blue and green wrap around the revolving door. I cannot get any further. I move towards the escalator where I can see people on the level below. I click number 1 on the right of the screen to move down to Level 1, missing out the escalator. I am stuck again, by another escalator so I turn and a clock faces me. 2.08. It must be the afternoon.

I move towards to the lifts but as I get closer I arrive in a different area of the terminal, where rows of orange tape divide the floor. Checked in online? Speedy Boarding Plus! The check-in desks are empty. I realize I am back to where I started, but as I move around to the left the long line of people waiting at gate 53 and 54 have gone.


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