Cylindrical discs guide our path across the glossy terminal floor. Pink and green neon divides the space between the yellow columns. Click to go. A man in a red jacket comes into view but as I walk towards him he disappears and is replaced by a man in a white shirt and black tie. I approach the exit, quickening my movement towards the glass doors. As I creep forwards the camera jumps to another space, unrecognizable from where I was. It is unclear as to whether I have just turned around or whether this is a completely different part of the terminal. The cylindrical lights above remain constant whichever way I turn. I double click and an uploaded photograph appears. T4. ‘Misplaced’ The image bears no resemblance to my current location. I follow the sign for the gates. M33 to M39. I get pushed backwards with nowhere to go.

Exit Street view. We arrive back outside looking down on the terminal. I zoom out to find a new street view area to access.   I land back inside, close by to an information desk with a baggage and way out sign overhead. I pass the yellow duty free shop getting close enough to view the Dior and Paco-Rabanne perfume counters. As I move forwards shutters appear in-front of the shop entrance. Small square cubes of white and blue light fall in a grid light pattern on the floor. Rows of joined up empty seats fill the space by the long stretch of windows.



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