A no smoking sign is distorted into a fragmented shape on the wall above, but it is still recognizable. Behind appears an advertisement for clothing, where a photograph of a man and woman is repeated 5 times. I move towards them and see a line of empty seats against a green tiled wall. I cannot move any further, so turn around and the space widens into a large area of yellow ochre. A pink neon digital clock reads 0:51. The sign of the Fly Café to the left is a similar neon pink. I move towards it and see two black and white photographs of airplanes on the Café wall above the chequered patterned floor. The café, and the terminal are empty.

I move quickly forwards past more rows of empty seats. The Houses of Parliament appear on the left wall, alongside four purple pay phones. I move towards the window. It is dark outside. I cannot see anybody. I turn and three men stand with their back to me. Two have the same uniform, white shirts and black trousers. The other stands in all black, his boots high above his ankles. Double click and I am faced with a board of images. Rows of food, a factory, a female doctor and a tree. Tomorrow starts here.


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