Aeropuerto de Malaga

The sky is a pale blue over and around the pale terracotta terminal building. I move along the yellow line to an area where white taxis line up in a dark green space. I keep panning across the outside area where people and vehicles wait. The sky is now reflected in the grid of glass in-front. I move forwards but I am refused access into the building. Exit Street View.

I position myself high above the airport, looking for where the blue line indicates the part of the terminal I can enter. I keep landing outside, there seems no way in. Exit Street view and try again. Upper Crust. Grab and Go. I am inside.

The space is silver grey, with lime green gate signs in rectangles above. I am stopped just before the moving walkway so turn right around and move in the opposite direction. Three figures in black t-shirts and white trousers chat to each other outside the Ferrari store. I notice a Christmas tree standing on the opposite side at the entrance to Starbucks. Further on a mannequin in a red floral dress looks out towards the sports-bar and grill. I cannot move any further so I go back to the Ferrari store, which after 1 click becomes an empty bookstore with a wooden floor.





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