As I scan the airport landscape for an area to land, the blue line suggests there is no access into the terminal. I place the orange man onto the roof to see what happens, but as the outside turns into the inside the space has the look of a video game interior. I am inside a model, built by ‘hong’. I click hong but the page is not found, so I search the 3D warehouse and find the virtual Kagoshima terminal. It appears that Hong has designed many other airport terminals in Japan. The interior is empty, a dark grey space, only meant to be viewed from the outside.

I leave the model and return to Google Earth, where I exit ground level. I am back on top of the terminal roof. Despite this airport being listed as one of the Street view airports, there seems no access from above, so I move around outside to find another possible way in.

Traffic comes towards me as I move along the yellow line. To my right is the bright white terminal building set against a consistent blue sky. The Airport Shuttle bus waits, with empty seats, outside the entrance. I move forwards to try and get past the bus. I notice one of the bus windows has been blurred out, suggesting someone may have got on board. As I attempt to move closer to the entrance I am pushed to the side, the image breaking up as I move. I can only pan across the surface of the terminal. There is no way in.


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