Enter Street view

Passengers at gate 4 sit waiting for flight HV 5961 to Copenhagen.  A man in a blue hooded sweatshirt holds his phone in-front of him. People look at their mobile devices for something to do. There seems very little conversation.  Nobody waits at gate 5.

Track the slider or click the buttons to zoom in our out.>

I click the plus button and zoom in past the cafe towards a man wearing blue shorts holding a red bag. I double click and he is gone. Double-click again and there are no figures at all left in the space. The white light from the stretch of windows creates a pattern of silver shadows on the terminal floor. A line of red rectangles divides the indoor and outdoor space.

I carry on walking but reach a wall I cannot seem to get past. Staff only. I turn right and move towards the light again.  A new space opens out in-front of me where rows of green boxes containing personal possessions move towards their owners.  I turn back and attempt to move quickly.  The space breaks up into flashes of broken images.  I settle by a grid display of sunglasses in the Duty Free shop.



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