The Toyota car sits on an orange stand. I move towards it but I am now looking at a white door, with a CCTV camera above. As I move to the left I realise I am outside, looking out towards the airport tower. The sky is a heavy grey. I am looking from behind a gridded panel of steel. As I move to the right the space opens up and I arrive at a viewing area, where people sit and stand, looking out across the apron area at the airplanes below. There are benches and information boards placed in-front of the view. A boy stands close to the steel framework to take a photograph. A small child stands on a circular step at the end of the viewing area and is being helped down by an adult. I can now see both the tower and the image of the tower on the information board next to me.

I turn back, hoping to re-enter the terminal. I retrace my steps and arrive back inside, where a row of market stalls appear, selling food and other things I cannot recognise. I move towards the exit, where a sign for a bus appears in-front of a zebra crossing. As I try to cross I am pushed back into a different space, looking down onto a turquoise walkway. A painted yellow stripe runs down the middle of the space. A man in a black jacket and brown trousers is in the distance and looks like he is about to go out of view. I try and catch him up but I cannot reach the end. All I can seem to do is move backwards or sideways. I decide to turn back and I arrive at ANA airlines check-in desks where much of the space has been blurred out. Towards the left Shopping Avenue is clear.


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