Palma de Mallorca

Spains 3rd-largest. 379 reviews.

Starting Location: 39 33’03.68”

The image below is clear. The bright white tarmac is divided by small green squares, which are scattered across the surface. 5 airplanes appear on screen. 3 waiting by the terminal, 1 heading towards the terminal, 1 waiting to depart and 1 on the runway, presumably about to take off. The shadows around each white airplane are crisp and undisturbed.

As I scan across the landscape, the light blue of a swimming pool appears close by, amongst the area of trees. To the left a tennis court sits on a diagonal to the runway, with very little space between them.

I click on the orange man to view the blue line, and see it drawn freely over 2 white triangles. Enter the terminal. A bubble gum machine and a number of white pillars appear on the screen in-front of me. The gridded ceiling is close overhead. The silvery blue surfaces of the floor, ceiling and window flatten the space, which is empty of people. I decide to move backwards but do not get very far. I move to the left and suddenly I am outside the terminal looking at a 3D virtual model of an airport tower. Torre de control Son Sant Joan. Four photographs of the tower taken close by are available to view.


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