Barcelona el Prat

2 terminals & links by bus or rail.

Imagery date: 3/28/2015.

Journey date: 7/3/2016.

Start: 41 17’43.93” N

Lime green and cerulean blue cylindrical shapes create a pattern on the surface of the landscape. I Pan across to the terminal which as the white hand symbol touches the surface, illuminates to a lilac tone, indicated the 3D building. A pop up information box appears, with photos of nearby places. Beneath the lilac triangular forms of the terminal roof I enter street view. A man in a green uniform cleans the already polished floor whilst sat on a red and blue vehicle with various attachments. The yellow sign of Alseasa lines up next to the more familiar sign of Duty Free.

I move forward and the man in the green uniform has gone, replaced by the ghostly figure of a man in a high-vis jacket. 2 women in black look into the shop window of Duty free. I turn approximately 90 degrees to the left and the man in the green uniform re-appears, this time he seems to be chatting to a man in a black jacket with a red collar, who stands static with authority. I press the forward arrow but cannot seem to move forward. I am sent back around to the right and positioned again in front of Duty free.

I suddenly swing around quickly facing the opposite direction. A white wall appears in front of me but quickly turns into another part of the terminal, where the wall is now glass, allowing light to illuminate the polished floor. A man sits nearest he can to the window, legs crossed with a bag beside him, looking down at a book on his lap. There are two figures in the foreground on red leather seats, one appears to be sleeping.

Gate 30. MS.

I try to get close to the gate, to see the destination but I am pushed backwards. Two seated figures with blurred faces seem to be looking directly at me.

I move to gate 31, where people are forming a queue to Copenhagen. I cannot move any further, only sideways, so I press escape and am back on the lilac triangular roof of the model of the terminal.


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