New Chitose

From above the airport fits neatly into the quiet landscape. The light seems to have reduced all colour to a warm grey and white space. As the orange man moves across the landscape the blue street view indicators form a semi circle, which is framed by the evenly spaced aircrafts. As I zoom in, all visual information becomes monochrome, with the exception of the blue photo and layer symbols, which form a cluster around the main terminal building.

The central airport hub seems contained within a D- shape form. I move over the D, and pick a spot to enter street view. We arrive in a café area. A man wearing khaki green sits on a khaki green stool at the bar, his head blurring into the space in which he sits. As I readjust my position I realise the man is talking to the figure behind the bar.

Click to go >. Shapes of red and pink puncture the predominant ochre interior. Points of sale appear on each click and movement. Rows of products and signs come in and out of focus as a woman wearing pink and khaki green stands by the entrance of a retail unit, one arm holding the other. The space feels warm. The low ceiling and indoor plants create the atmosphere of a hotel foyer. A couple share a newspaper on a nearby sofa.

I change direction, speeding up until I reach a terminal map which is visualising the 3rd floor emergency route. ‘The exit is on the 1st floor. During an emergency, please follow the route shown on the drawing above. There are emergency stairs you must use for evacuation’. I pan across from the drawing to a set of cerulean blue departure screens. Before I get chance to scan the flight information the camera shifts and I arrive in a shop selling handbags and wallets. The display unit and goods seem to mirror the pattern of the outside aerial view. The wallets and cars, dwarfed by the surrounding bags and buildings.

I stop outside a green shop named Daiso. ‘All goods 100 yen shop’. I try to zoom in and view the products but again I am abruptly redirected. I approach the sign ‘Smile Road’, which is in-front of two escalators. A pattern of figures hover, transparently overlapping each other. There is no access beyond this point.


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